Workshops for Taiko Groups

Available Workshop Format:

  • 2-3 hours focused workshop
  • 10-hour workshop Intensive (weekend or week-long)
  • Repertory Clinic
  • Artist in Residence
  • Private Lessons
  • Professional Development
  • Team Building

Available Topics:

  • Betta (upright) / Naname (slant) Fundamentals
  • Movement with Naname (slant) style
  • Small Drums Fundamentals and drills
  • Full body awareness: Efficiency in movement and ergonomics in striking
  • “Quitiplas in the Pocket” – Original Composition with innovative Drills on playing with Polymeter and solo improvisation
  • Body Bayashi – Innovative Drills with body music and introduction to the kuchishoga of basic Edo Bayashi
  • Gliding Dreams – Original Composition with Vocal exploration and Creative Movement with Odaiko
  • Taiko FUNdamentals: Innovative Drills in cultivating Musicality, Creativity and Stage Presence
  • Taiko FUNdamentals for Professional Development
  • Taiko Together Teacher Training – Learning my youth/parent-child classes teaching repertoires

Sample Workshop Descriptions:

Title: “Use the Force” – Body Awareness and Ergonomics in Taiko Playing

Objectives: The workshop offers exercises and drills that strengthen participants’ connection with their own body as they explore their connection with the instruments. Explore how to move your body efficiently to develop a strong and dynamic strike regardless of individual drumming style.

Brief Workshop Content description: In taiko, everything is interrelated, the stance affects your posture, your strike, your timing, the sound you create from the drum, and the efficiency of your movement. In this session, we will delve into various drills and exercises, such as but not limited to breathing and body coordination, to explore the physics and ergonomics of taiko drumming.

Target Taiko Skills and Achievement:

    • Strengthen participants’ taiko stance in order to enhance the sound created out of the drum
    • Enhance efficiency and fluidity of movement
    • Improve core engagement

Title: Quitiplas in the Pocket

Videos from past workshops: Youtube Playlist
Objectives: Introduction to various drills and exercises that challenges drummers’ listening skills, bachi control and dexterity. The drills lead into the composition “Quitiplas in the Pocket” by Yeeman Mui.


Brief Workshop Content description: a piece for solo improvisation on the slant style (naname) drums. The poly-meter base beat is adapted from the Venezuelan Quitiplas music with a stylized solo cue created by Yeeman Mui. The piece focuses on creating different tonalities of the drum. The Venezuelan-inspired polymeter backbeat is challenging but also has a distinctive groove that can open up various platforms for improvisation.

Target Skill Level: Intermediate level or with strong music/percussion background, workshop materials can be adapted to beginner level as well

Equipment: Chu daiko with naname stands

Title: Body Bayashi

Videos of past workshop and performance: Youtube Playlist
Objectives: An innovative approach of practicing rhythm and multiple parts simultaneously. Using body percussion to practice shime and kane parts of “mikoshi bayashi”

Brief Workshop Content description: Learning the main pattern of “Body Bayashi,”a body music/dance piece created during San Francisco International Orff Courses based on the kuchi-shoga of “Mikoshi Bayashi” – a basic pattern from the festival music of old Tokyo, as learned from Kenny Endo-sensei in his ensemble weekly Edo Bayashi practice. The purpose of the dance is to internalize and embody the interlocking relationship between two instruments. A very challenging but fascinating exercise. The exercise can also be applied to any taiko pieces for ear training and strengthen listening skills.

Target Skill Level: open level

Equipment: workshop can run without taiko,  could use one or several shime and kane but not necessary. Might use audio equipment if available.

Title: Creative Movements with Odaiko

Videos of past performances: Youtube Playlist
Objectives: Introduce various creative movement exercises with the odaiko. Odaiko playing has been predominantly masculine in form. The goal of this workshop is to search various avenues that define the musician, not the instrument.

Brief Workshop Content description: Participants will learn parts of the original Odaiko structural improvisational piece “Gliding Dreams.” The piece explores graceful approach to taiko drumming through various singing and creative movement exercises on the odaiko.

Target Skill Level: Open level, recommended for those who enjoy movement exploration

Equipment: Odaiko (3 persons per odaiko)

Title: Taiko FUNdamentals – Cultivating Musicality

Videos of past workshops:  Youtube Playlist

Objectives: Studies have proven that our learning abilities are maximised within a fun and supportive atmosphere. Through the use of musical games and dances from around the world, (taiko, clapping games, songs, body music, etc.), participants learn music intuitively, while improving their rhythmic sense and creativity. The fundamentals of music are internalized through physical involvement and multi-sensory activities, then applied to the taiko, all while having fun.

Brief Workshop Content description: Through a series of FUN songs and games with taiko drumming, Taiko Fundamentals focuses on developing the participants’ musicality level, creativity and sense of originality. Experience the fun of playing games that strengthen ensemble listening skills, while developing stage presence and interaction.

Target Skill Level: Open level (welcome youth and beginners)

Equipment:  ideally have 1 Chu daiko per participants but ok with less, and various types of drums, e.g.  4 shime, 1 odaiko, 3-4 okedo (optional), 2-4 uchiwa daiko (I can also bring my own and borrow from friends)

Title: Taiko FUNdamentals Professional Development for Taiko/Music Teachers

Recommended workshop duration: 6-10hours

Videos from various Taiko FUNdamentals workshops:  Youtube Playlist

Objectives: Improve your musicality through musical games with taiko drumming. Instructor of Taiko FUNdamentals, Yeeman Mui is dedicated to help create a more creative taiko classroom, while staying within the realms of the art of taiko. The workshop will explore teaching the art of taiko through the Orff approach. Through a series of FUN songs and games with taiko drumming, Taiko Fundamentals focuses on developing the participants’ musicality level, creativity and sense of originality.

Brief Workshop Content description: Workshops are highly interactive, as participants will take on the roll as students in the classroom. This involves singing, games, dancing and taiko drumming. Discussion and questions highlighting the teacher aspects will follow after each set of activities, as well as at the end of program.

Target Skill Level: taiko teachers, leaders who would like to teach young children, or any taiko players who are curious to learn more creative approach to improve skill and musical level.

Equipment: ideally have 1 Chu daiko per participants but ok with less, and various types of drums, e.g.  4 shime, 1 odaiko, 3-4 okedo (optional), 2-4 uchiwa daiko (I can also bring my own and borrow from friends)