Taiko Tots (Honolulu)

Parent-child taiko drumming class for age 2-4

Everyone is born to be musical, and given a nurturing environment, can unlock their inner musicality  and  creativity. Taiko Together introduces a fun and  all-­‐rounded approach to  study  the  art  of  taiko  for  toddlers  and  their  parents!  Through  movement,  dance,  songs, games,  rhymes,  body  music  and  stories,  children  and  parents  together  explore  the  joy  of  rhythm and music.

If you live in Honolulu and would like to enrol in Taiko Tots, visit Taiko Center of the Pacific for more information!

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What is the role of adults in the class?

  • Parents are often the best role models for children. Taiko Tot is a class for both the adults and toddlers together. If the adults are enjoying the class activities, the sooner their children will feel comfortable to participate.

Why do we sing, dance and play games in the class?

  • Singing is a good way to develop “inner hearing” which is essential to rhythm training
  • Dancing and moving help students to internalize the rhythm, and also a musical way for children to develop motor skills
  • Through the use of musical games, students learn music intuitively, while improving their rhythmic sense and creativity

Why is my child not participating? How would they learn if they don’t follow exactly what the teacher do?

  • Taiko Tot could be their very first classroom experience. Being in a new environment, there is plenty new information their little mind and body are absorbing and digesting. Every young children has their unique style and pace for learning, even though they might not show you right away what they have learned, once they have adapted to the new environment, you’d see how much they have actually picked up throughout the classes.

What should I do if my child is disturbing the flow of the class?

  • Sometimes it’s okay if your child is not doing exactly the same with everyone else as long as they are enjoying the activities and not disturbing the other classmates. However if they do, quietly pull your child aside and explain to your child what they could do to make the experience a pleasant one for everyone. Please be patient because the last thing you want to do is to create a scene in the class.

 Should I explain what the teacher is doing to my child so they could follow better?

  • The best way to learn music is through experience and interaction rather than instructions. Taiko Tot is a musical experience and learning music is similar to the experience of learning a new language. When children first learn how to speak, they imitate what they are exposed to in everyday life. This applies to learning music too! Simply engage your body in listening and moving along with the music, and let your body internalize the music.