Taiko Together

Give your child the gift of music!

  • Great bonding experience for age 2-6 with their parents
  • A FUN approach to learn rhythm and music through movement, dance, games, songs, and stories
  • An energetic and musical way to develop language, communication and social skills

Taiko Together is a parent-child taiko class designed by Yeeman Mui. It was first taught in Los Angeles Taiko Institute  (LATI) in Spring 2015 and Yeeman returned to develop the program again in Summer 2016. LATI is housed in Asano Taiko US, a beautiful facility where students can get access to authentic traditional taiko drums.

Taiko Together Mission Statement

The Taiko Together curriculum helps define parents and children’s natural sense of musicality through song, dance, body music and taiko drumming, which the goal is to create an engaging environment for students in hopes that their musical experience will reverberate beyond the classroom.

We are very excited to announce that Taiko Together will be continuing at Los Angeles Taiko Institute starting September 2016! Under the direction of Yeeman Mui, founder and curriculum designer of Taiko Together, the program at LATI will be taught by Amanda Stone, a certified Taiko Together teacher.

Course DescriptionTaiko Together utilizes movement, singing, stories, games, and taiko drumming to introduce music to toddlers alongside a parent or familiar adult. This special program is designed and directed by Yeeman Mui (Manman), a certified music educator in the Orff approach. The program at LATI will be taught by Amanda Stone, a certified Taiko Together teacher. This one-of-a-kind program provides the ideal environment for development of musicality in young children. Learning music is similar to learning a new language and toddlers are at the best stage to begin a natural development of musicality. Give your child the gift of music!

contact taikotogether@taiko.la for more information