Gliding Dreams

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Gliding Dreams

A Structural Improvisation Piece Composed by Yeeman “ManMan” Mui with an adaptation of a song titled “Ja Dan Dui” [Wind] composed by Soili Perkiö.

Gliding Dreams is an original odaiko structural imporvisation piece that is a product of embracing the powerful nature of tenderness and gentle quality. As a female growing up where stereotypical gender roles take place in many levels of the society, I often find myself progressively defying gender expectations. In my teenage years I went through phases of trying very hard to proof that I am strong and powerful. The creative process of Gliding Dreams was to immerse myself to embrace the feminine nature of one self (whether female or male) and recognize the power of gentleness, gracefulness and fluidity. Especially with the odaiko, it is often associated with masculinity and aggressiveness; however, gracefulness can also be powerful and strong. Performing Gliding Dreams were moments of embracing the vulnerability and being true to myself.

Like the four seasons, when there are struggles and hardships in life,

Thank you…
Chieko Kojima for her artistic input and guiding me to find clarity of the piece
Yosuke Oda for encouraging me to be true to myself
Joe Small for embarking on the journey with me when this piece was first taking the baby steps forward…

Here is a collage of different Gliding Dreams performances from 2015-2018 with a commentary by ManMan talking about the creative process of the piece.