Drumming FUNdamentals (All Ages)

Studies have proven that our learning abilities are maximised within a fun and supportive atmosphere. Through the use of musical games and dances from around the world, (taiko, clapping games, songs, body music, etc.), participants learn music intuitively, while improving their rhythmic sense and creativity. The fundamentals of music are internalized through physical involvement and multi-sensory activities, then applied to the taiko drumming, all while having fun. This workshop will also cover how to research for songs and make it work for your classroom and/or age group.

Drumming FUNdamentals is a program designed for all ages and skill levels. the workshop duration has been range from 3 to 8 hours. Here is a list of the past “Drumming FUNdamentals” workshops:

North American Taiko Conference 2015 – Las Vegas

“Taiko FUNdamentals”
Workshop duration: 2.5 hours
Participants age range: 4-13

This workshop was part of the Youth Program curated by Yeeman Mui at the bi-annual national taiko conference. The youth participants are from various taiko groups in north America. Some of them has several years of taiko experience while some were beginners.

Taiko Center of the Pacific Summer Taiko Intensive 2015 – Honolulu

“Taiko FUNdamentals for Youth”
Workshop duration: 1 hour x 3 days
Participants age range: 5-10

“Taiko FUNdamentals for Families”
Workshop duration: 1 hour x 2 days
Participants age range: 3-5 with parents or familiar adults

Orff Drumming FUNdamentals 2015 – Macau

Applying Orff-Schulwerk approach to your teaching through songs and games

Workshop duration: 4 hours x 2 days
Participants age range: adults from age around 25-50
Participants Background: teachers from different departments and schools in Macau (including one school principal and a visiting teacher from Taiwan)