ManMan @TCA Taikothon 2018

Here is a video from Taiko Community Alliance Taikothon 2018 where ManMan talked about her creative process with the Odaiko piece “Gliding Dreams”. Most Odaiko training takes a predominantly loud, aggressive and forceful approach, this choreographic composition takes on a different direction that embraces the power of gentle and graceful qualities. The piece explore … More ManMan @TCA Taikothon 2018

Manman on Taikothon 2016!

Manman and her Taiko Tots (Honolulu), Family Taiko (Honolulu), Taiko Together (Torrance, LA), and Taiko FUNdamentals were featured on Taiko Community Alliance‘s Taikothon 2016 on Sunday Oct 16, 2016! Here is the video of Manman’s segment (click image below) For the rest of the Taikothon videos, please click at this link.

Manman on ThinkTech Hawaii

Manman appeared on “Center Stage” hosted by Donna Blanchard of ThinkTech Hawaii talking about her journey and her work as a taiko artist and educator. Check it out to hear more about her philosophy and approach with taiko and music education.

Taiko and Orff in Turkey

An article written by Manman is featured in the premier publication of Turkish Magazine, “MONOLOG”, for music and arts teachers in Turkey. The article introduces a song composed by Manman titled “Aisatsu Song” (Taiko Greeting Song).  The article also explain different activities that have been played along with the song in Manman’s Taiko classes for children and families.