Spall Fragments 2016 LA & SF

Yeeman Mui playing “MANMAN” WARTHOG MUI in Spall Fragments 2016. Come join this serio-comic theatre adventure in Los Angeles and San Francisco in July 2016. (Not recommended for children, contents include adult language and violence)       SPALL FRAGMENTS: Taiko Drum-Dance Action-Adventure for the 21st Century explodes out of choreographer Joe Small‘s often surreal encounters with … More Spall Fragments 2016 LA & SF

LCSD World Cultures Festival 2015

“The Joy of Taiko” Public Foyer Performance organised by Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. “Thunderous one moment, serene the next, taiko drumming is an elemental, ever-changing art as Kodo, a major exponent of the traditional Japanese musical form, has shown the world for more than 30 years. In this performance-demonstration, Hong Kong group O.Daiko provides … More LCSD World Cultures Festival 2015

TEN TEN: Kenny Endo 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert

My respectful taiko sensei, Kenny Endo is celebrating his 40th anniversary of taiko drumming in 2015. A celebration concert titled “TEN TEN” was held on October 10, 2015 at the historical venue Hawaii Theatre. The concert was a great success. It was an honoured to be able to perform with all the great artists on … More TEN TEN: Kenny Endo 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert

Taiko Drum and Dance

A collaboration of Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble with University of Hawaii Dance Department  As soon as I arrived in Honolulu in 2012 Fall, I began training with Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble and immediately immersed in rehearsal for Taiko Drum and Dance. I performed as a dancer/drummer playing uchiwa daiko (fan drum), katsugi daiko, taiko, djembe, marimba.  The best … More Taiko Drum and Dance