Handtagonism v4

Since moving to LA, I have been studying with Kris Bergstorm on his new arrangement of Handtagnoism. It is a fascinating piece that explores different movement with taiko. Each movement combination is well thought of in which they serve the purpose of producing meaningful strikes on the taiko drums. It was such  treat to perform … More Handtagonism v4

Mochi Mochi

Mochi Mochi is a taiko and rice-pounding performing ensemble, utilizing the Japanese mochi-making ceremony as a vessel for music, culture, food, and fun. Incorporating audience participation, rocking music, and explanations of the cultural context of rice-pounding, the performances showcase the multi-stage mochi-making process and culminate in delicious mochi snacks. Performances “Mochi Mochi: Hajimaruyo!” is a 45~80 minute performance demonstrating the full … More Mochi Mochi

ShastaYama Taiko Festival

This summer I had a wonderful opportunity to perform at ShastaYama Taiko Festival again since 2014. Last time I was here performing as part of Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. This time I performed with Taiko Trekkers, a group of individual taiko drummers from all over west coast. Bruce “Mui” Ghent was the spear head of … More ShastaYama Taiko Festival

Spall Fragments 2016 LA & SF

Yeeman Mui playing “MANMAN” WARTHOG MUI in Spall Fragments 2016. Come join this serio-comic theatre adventure in Los Angeles and San Francisco in July 2016. (Not recommended for children, contents include adult language and violence)       SPALL FRAGMENTS: Taiko Drum-Dance Action-Adventure for the 21st Century explodes out of choreographer Joe Small‘s often surreal encounters with … More Spall Fragments 2016 LA & SF

LCSD World Cultures Festival 2015

“The Joy of Taiko” Public Foyer Performance organised by Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. “Thunderous one moment, serene the next, taiko drumming is an elemental, ever-changing art as Kodo, a major exponent of the traditional Japanese musical form, has shown the world for more than 30 years. In this performance-demonstration, Hong Kong group O.Daiko provides … More LCSD World Cultures Festival 2015

Interactive Singing Session at {sfs}

Invited by my dear friend Shandy Gan, a singer-song writer in Hong Kong who also runs a boutique cafe in St. Francis Street, Sheng Wan, I did my first interactive singing, body music session in October 2015. It was a great gathering meeting new friends, gathering with family, old friends and students.