Body Bayashi

Body Bayashi is a body music choreography developed during the San Francisco International Orff Level Course 2013 in Hidden Valley Music Seminar. The music was from a traditional taiko drumming patterns. Performers sing and dance the patterns representing two instruments simultaneously. 

The project of Body Bayashi all began with two patterns from the old Tokyo festival music repertoire. These patterns can be heard in the “Mikoshi Bayashi” or “Shichome” from Edo Bayashi repertoire. When learning taiko, students often have to learn how to say the patterns (kuchishoga) before actually playing them on the drums. Yeeman first learned these Edo Bayashi patterns from Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble in Honolulu. The concept of “dancing” one instrument part while singing another part simultaneously was originally a fun and experimental project initiated by Evie Ladin, a versatile and creative singer/composer/clogger/body music performers. Yeeman then adapted the concept and developed Body Bayashi with her fellow classmates in the San Francisco International Orff Level courses in 2013.

Here is a video of the debut of Body Bayashi from the “Untalented Show” in 2013 San Francisco International Orff Level Course.

Body Bayashi at San Francisco International Orff from Yeeman Mui on Vimeo.

Performers of Body Bayashi: Anya Rome (Oakland), Estevao Marques Ferreira Rocha (São Paulo), Ezo Sunal (Istanbul), Galen Roger (San Francisco), Tea Ylikoski (Helsinki), Yeeman Mui (Hong Kong/Honolulu)

Yeeman has continued to develop Body Bayashi and also has been giving workshops of the piece introducing an alternate approach for practicing taiko rhythms.

Workshop from NATC 2017 San Diego

Here is another video of Body Bayashi by a 4th grade class at Punahou School (Honolulu)

Links of Body Music groups:

Evie Ladin’s MoToR/dance – an all-female percussive moving choir of body musician based in Oakland, California.

Barbatuques – body music group based in São Paulo, Brazil

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry – Body music duet

Estêvão Marques y Marina Pittier

Grupo Triii – a youtube music channel for children (São Paulo, Brazil)