ManMan@ LATI May/June

ManMan is offering two new courses at Los Angeles Taiko Institute (Torrance, CA) in May and June. The two new courses cover very different grounds and approach in taiko practice.

Want to enhance your listening skills for taiko? Want to strengthen your soloing vocabulary? Looking for a supportive environment to get better at challenging rhythms and skills? Come join us for some “Quitiplas in the Pocket”!

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“Quitiplas in the Pocket” – Drills and Soloing with Polymeter

If you are interested in knowing more about ManMan’s approach in body work in taiko drumming, how to maintain a good posture when playing, or curious to know more about how she practices fluidity in movement, “Use the Force” would be the perfect course for you.

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Use the Force: Body Awareness and Ergonomics in Taiko Playing