Taiko Workshops @ Tomodachi Gakko (Ballico, CA)

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This week I had a lot of fun performing with Mochi Mochi LA and also teaching taiko workshops to the students of Tomodachi Gakko – a week long summer school where students from Preschool to Eighth Grade learn about the Japanese American Culture. I taught 3 taiko classes to the Toddlers Kindergartners, Kindergarten through third graders, and also the sixth graders. The K-3 students and the 6th graders did a great job performing with us as part of the show as well!

Here is a video taken at the end of the 45 minutes workshop with the sixth graders preparing for their performance with Mochi Mochi on the next day.

Thank you Christine Kubo for bringing me to work with the Tomodachi Gakko students!


One thought on “Taiko Workshops @ Tomodachi Gakko (Ballico, CA)

  1. The kids’ focus was so much better on Wednesday when they had to accompany MochiMochi. Furthermore, when they practiced this morning so they could perform at Open House tomorrow, they were even better! Thank you, ManMan!

    Chris Kubo



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