Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational 2018

I was very honored to have my first intercollegiate taiko experience this year! Teaching two workshops “Quitiplas in the Pocket” and “Body Bayashi” to taiko players from various collegiate groups is a very refreshing experience. They are full of youthful energy, curiosity and excitement about the art form. I had a lot of fun exploring this two pieces with them.

The invitational was also very well organized by Senryu Taiko this year. Communication and arrangements were on point. It was truly a blissful experience for me. Kris Bergstorm, David Wells, Isaku Kageyama and myself collaborated and performed at the Instructors Preview on the first morning of the invitational. I’ve been really enjoying collaborating with these guys. Truly honored to be playing along these talented artists. May there be many more creative endeavors to come!