Work in Progress Presentation @ Madrid

Date: April 14 (Saturday), 2018
Venue: Madreams MUSIC, Madrid

img_9435In April, I had the luxury to work with two of my wonderful friends from Madrid. Isabel Romeo Biedma is a taiko artist and educator. We first met in 2014 for a taiko collaboration “Taiko Film” where we performed together for the first time. Alba IE Rubia is a music educator and dancer, who specializes in West African dance. We met in 2011 at the San Francisco International Orff course where we became good friends and Orff Schulwerk colleague since then.

Since I was heading to Europe for a teaching tour, I initiated this collaboration project with Isabel and Alba because I had a good feeling that we would work well together to explore my Odaiko and creative movement piece “Gliding Dreams”. We’ve arranged time to workshop the piece for 3 days (roughly 9 hours of rehearsal time). I was able to develop a lot of the wonderful and creative ideas that Chieko Kojima has offered to me early this year regarding the choreography and artistic direction of this piece. Alba and Isabel also have a lot of great input on the singing and harmonization for the end of the piece. I love the direction where we are heading with our singing arrangement, however we definitely would need a lot more time to work on getting better at it. We love working with each other and we surely have a great dynamic and chemistry.

To our pleasant surprise, we also briefly ventured into another collaboration on “Jack Bazaar” (original composition by Kris Bergstorm). As Isabel and I showed Alba what we’ve been practicing on for our performance at the Albacete Anime Expo, Alba immediately pointed out that she could hear the Sonsornet rhythm. She showed us the traditional Sonsornet dance. We were all very excited about the possibility to combine and develop the two together into a “Jack Bazaar” and “contemporary African Dance” collaboration. Kris always encouraged us to take the elements of JB and create something original. Unfortunately this trip to Madrid, we only had a limited time to work on this. The three of us spent 45 minutes to put together this Work in Program presentation, but we are very excited and determined to continue develop this piece!

My Team in Madrid!

Looking forward to many more collaborations opportunities with these two!