Taiko FUNdamentals in Newton Abbot (UK)

Date: April 7-8, 2018
Venue: Taiko Center, Hannah at Seal Haynes, Newton Abbot, UK
Workshop duration: 10 hours
Number of Participants: 15 (Taiko players, teachers and leaders from different taiko groups and schools across the UK)

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I know a proper educator shouldn’t have favorites, but I have to say my Taiko FUNdamentals intensive at Taiko Center (UK) was one of the best teaching experience I’ve had since I started teaching this workshop intensive as a professional development workshop for Taiko teachers and music teachers. The reason is because we had a perfect group of participants that are open-minded and all ready to dive right in for some creative adventure!

Here is a video of a piece that I always enjoy facilitating as a way to wrap up our 10-hour intensive. I encourage the participants to incorporate what they’ve learned throughout the workshop in creating this piece together as a group. It’s always inspiring to see what each group create and because of the way the exercise is set up, we could see a mixture of individual styles and characters, and how far each group could take what they’ve learned from the workshop within a short period of time. I’m really looking forward to seeing many more different version of “Chicken Soup with Rice” to be born out of this intensive series!

Click here to see different version of “Chicken Soup with Rice” from past workshops

Jonathan Kirby (Kagemusha Taiko, UK; author of: “The Way of the Drum – Taiko without Borders”)

“Taiko is about more than “just drumming”, so it’s important for taiko players (and taiko groups) to spend some time exploring what “more than” really means: Why are you playing taiko? What are you trying to communicate through your taiko? In what ways are you limiting yourself with either conscious or unconsious barriers to creativity? I strongly recommend ManMan’s “Taiko FUNdamentals” workshop as a great way to explore individual and group creativity, to unshackle mind and body, and to have a great deal of fun while doing so.”

Sally Taylor (Tano Taiko, Hannah’s at Seal Hayne, Newton Abbot, UK)

“A packed and inspiring course full of fun and interactive participation. Couldn’t wait to incorporate what we’d learned into my teaching – effective and fun with both adults and children learning taiko.”

After NATC 2017, Lucy Thomas from Kagemusha Taiko (UK) contacted me about the possibility of teaching at Taiko Center in April 2018. Also thanks to the Women and Taiko Summer Taiko Institute, I am now part of this supporting women and taiko network that has been tremendously helpful as I venture into a more serious path as a solo artist and educator. Because of these amazing connections and Lucy’s amazing organizational skills, I was able to set up a series of workshops in Europe and debuted my first teaching tour! I am very grateful to be part of this supportive and inclusive community. It really means a lot to me to be able to reach a much higher ground that I never thought I could be.