Workshops in Germany

Date: March 31 – April 1, 2018
Venue: Amaterasu Taiko Dojo, Oberhausen (Germany)
Workshops: Taiko FUNdamentals, Creative Movements with Odaiko, Quitiplas in the Pocket

ManMan Flyer E Bild.png

It was refreshing to meet taiko players from various taiko groups from different parts of Germany and also Belgium! The taiko community are very different in Germany compared to the rest of Europe and also to the North American taiko community. Having the opportunity to teach my workshops to taiko players from different background and exposure really deepens and broaden the structure and purpose of my taiko workshops. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to be back and working with them again!

Silke Hanzen was the one who organized the workshops and presented me to the German taiko community. Again thanks to the Women and Taiko Summer Taiko Institute and the stay-connect call, that is where Silke and I connected and talked about the possibility to collaborate. Silke has been actively organizing various taiko events to bring taiko players from across Germany and the larger European taiko community together. She is amazing!


Me and Silke chilling by the river – fighting jet lag!