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20171109_mochi_mochi_taiji_reception_P1280444Mochi Mochi is a taiko and rice-pounding performing ensemble, utilizing the Japanese mochi-making ceremony as a vessel for music, culture, food, and fun. Incorporating audience participation, rocking music, and explanations of the cultural context of rice-pounding, the performances showcase the multi-stage mochi-making process and culminate in delicious mochi snacks.


“Mochi Mochi: Hajimaruyo!” is a 45~80 minute performance demonstrating the full process of mochi pounding and culminating in 120 pieces of fresh mochi for attendees.  Taiko rhythms coordinate the team and fuel the uplifting energy of the performance.  Optional audience participation, a question and answer session, and rhythm games allow for a wide range of event lengths.

“Mochi Mochi Hands On” is a 90~120 minute interactive performance that begins with a taiko lesson.  Attendees learn the rhythms that start and end the mochi-making process and participate in the pounding, helping convert sweet rice into fresh mochi.

Educational programs

“How It’s Made: Mochi” is a hands-on lecture-demonstration of traditional and original methods of Japanese mochi-making.  An explanation of the cultural significance of mochi and an overview of the tools used introduces the live demonstration: a 30-minute program that converts steaming-hot rice into fresh, delicious mochi.  Powerful taiko rhythms coordinate the phases of pounding, with opportunities for audience participation.  The event culminates in the eating of mochi, with servings for approximately 125 attendees.

“Mochi-Making and the Rhythm of Work” combines a taiko drumming workshop and mochi-pounding celebration into an exciting, hands-on mochi experience.  Attendees learn the taiko fundamentals and the rhythms that accompany the pounding, before participating in both the pounding and the music that supports the work.  The potential of music to inspire physical activity and the role of rhythm in coordinating teamwork are made explicit.  The multi-faceted effort culminates in fresh mochi for all.

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