Body Bayashi, Quitiplas in the Pocket, and Taiko FUNdamentals at NATC 2017

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North American Taiko Conference is just one week away! I am very looking forward to be teaching 3 workshops at the conference. Here are the details of the workshops that I will be teaching. Looking forward to meeting new friends and a lot of exciting taiko FUN!

Body BayashiSkill level: ALL• P

Learning the main pattern of “Body Bayashi,”a body music/dance piece created during San Francisco International Orff Courses based on the kuchi-shoga of “Mikoshi Bayashi” – a basic pattern from the festival music of old Tokyo, as learned from Kenny Endo- sensei in his ensemble weekly Edo Bayashi practice. The purpose of the dance is to internalize and embody the interlocking relationship between two instruments. A very challenging but fascinating exercise. The exercise can also be applied to any taiko pieces for ear training and strengthen listening skills.

Taiko FUNdamentalsSkill level: ALL/YOUTH• P

Recommended for youth and beginners. Through a series of FUN songs and games with taiko drumming, Taiko Fundamentals focuses on developing the participants’ musicality level, creativity and sense of originality. Experience the fun of playing games that strengthen ensemble listening skills, while developing stage presence and interaction.

Quitiplas in the PocketSkill level: Intermediate•P

A piece for solo improvisation on the slant style (naname) drums. The poly-meter base beat is adapted from the Venezuelan Quitiplas music with a stylized solo cue created by Yeeman Mui. The piece focuses on creating different tonalities of the drum. The Venezuelan-inspired polymeter backbeat is challenging but also has a distinctive groove that can open up various platforms for improvisation.