Spall Fragments 2016 LA & SF


Yeeman Mui playing “MANMAN” WARTHOG MUI in Spall Fragments 2016. Come join this serio-comic theatre adventure in Los Angeles and San Francisco in July 2016. (Not recommended for children, contents include adult language and violence)




SPALL FRAGMENTS: Taiko Drum-Dance Action-Adventure for the 21st Century explodes out of choreographer Joe Small‘s often surreal encounters with hypermasculine traits of ‘power’ (size, speed, strength, and aggression) surrounding the physically dynamic, pulse-pounding art of contemporary Japanese taiko drumming.

Through a bombastic mix of high-precision taiko drumming, dance, and serio-comic theatre, Small and the cast (Vivian Lee, Yeeman Mui, Kristy Oshiro, David Wells, and Special Guest Bruce Mui Ghent) launch critical and self-conscious inquiries into the interconnectivity between hierarchical systems of aggression; media’s influence on ‘tradition’ and the reinforcing self-exoticizing Orientalist stereotypes; and the harrowing fall-out from masculine trauma-bonding, uncontrollable rage, and the existential lunacy of sacrificing one’s body-mind-cultural identity to survive in Taiko’s historically Japanese contexts and its globalized, transnational present.



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Los Angeles
Friday, July 15, 8:30pm
Saturday, July 16, 8:30pm

Highway Performance Space
San Francisco
Saturday, July 23, 8:00pm
Sunday, July 24, 6pm
Dance Mission Theater