Taiko Trek 2016

This summer, I am going to be teaching at Taiko Trek, a summer taiko experience in a beautiful camp site – Mendocino Magic.

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As part of the 4-day taiko camp, I am going to teach A body music/dance piece created with my friends from San Francisco International Orff Course based on the kuchishoga of Mikoshi Bayashi – basic patterns from the festival music of old Tokyo, as learned from Kenny Endo-sensei in our weekly Edo Bayashi practice.

In 2013, I had a really fun and challenging practice with the amazing body music/dance artist Evie Ladin – we picked out a rhythm combinations that is normally played by 2 instruments, created a body music/dance part to one and sing the other at the same time, and then switch. The purpose of this was to internalise and embody the interlocking relationship between two instruments. It was very challenging but the experience was indeed fascinating. At the end of it, I felt I understood the music more and could hear better how the two instruments interlock with one another.

Then the same summer, I was finishing my last Level course at SF International Orff, where I had been seeing my fellow Orffans for 3 summers! Two of my great friends Ezo Sunal (Istanbul, Turkey) and Estevao Marques Ferreira Rocha (São Paulo, Brasil) are also amazing Body music artists. (Galen Rogers , Anya Rome and Tea Ylikoski were also great supporters of Body Music too) In the two-week course, we developed Body Bayashi based on the shime Daiko and atarigane parts of Mikoshi Bayashi, and created this choreography. (it’s my goal to develop the shinobue melody in the choreography too someday… )

In Taiko Trek, we will be learning this body music/dance and exploring variations and combinations of the dance with taiko! Be ready for the challenge, I hope by the end of the workshop you will get a new perspective in practicing taiko rhythms, you might also look at+listen to music differently. This exercise could develop into a new way of taiko practice!

See you at Taiko Trek!!!

Body Bayashi (excerpt) from Yeeman Mui on Vimeo.

Created during San Francisco International Orff 2013

Performed by Yeeman Mui (Hong Kong), Tea Ylikoski (Helsinki), Estevao Marques (Sao Paulo), Galen Roger (San Francisco), Ezo Sunal (Istanbul), Anya Rome (Oakland)

Based on the pattern from “Mikoshi Bayashi” as learned from Kenny Endo in 2013.

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  1. Hi MM I enjoyed watching this particular music video. I’ve gone to body percussion concerts. I love them. You are so talented. Your capacity to learn seems limitless. I am so happy to have met you. Keep going for more. JoJo

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    1. Thank you very much JoJo! Likewise I am very happy to have met you and very impressed with your work too. Hope we will cross path again very soon.


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