TEN TEN: Kenny Endo 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert

My respectful taiko sensei, Kenny Endo is celebrating his 40th anniversary of taiko drumming in 2015. A celebration concert titled “TEN TEN” was held on October 10, 2015 at the historical venue Hawaii Theatre. The concert was a great success. It was an honoured to be able to perform with all the great artists on stage. I had the most fun helping to put the concert together and work with the stage crew in Hawaii Theatre. Congratulation Kenny Sensei!


20151010 TENTEN Rites MM
Manman’s odaiko solo during Rites of Thundering – Photo by Kenji Yamazaki
20151010 Midnight Moon BW gp
MIDNIGHT MOON composed by Kenny Endo; Choreography by Peggy Adams – Restaged at TEN TEN 2015 – Photo by Kenji Yamazaki