NATC Youth Program 2015

The Taiko Conference Youth Program is designed for participants ages 5-12, providing selected workshops specifically designed for young taiko players.

The Youth Program is open to all levels, we would recommend participants have some taiko background and basic training, although participants with minimal taiko background will also be accepted.

Parents may drop off Youth Program participants at the UNLV Student Union, and Taiko Conference staff takes over. (Exact location will be sent via email) Youth Program participants are guided through Conference events safely and on time with experienced taiko players on hand for questions and instruction. At the end of the day, parents pick up their kids at the same, convenient location.


Friday, June 12 Drop-off: 8:30am  Pick-up: 5:15pm

Saturday, June 13- Drop-off: 8:30am  Pick-up: 5:15pm

Sunday, June 14- Drop-off: 8:30am  Pick-up: 11:45am

*Parents must be present to sign child in and out during pickup and drop off
COST: $350
– Access to all NATC plenary sessions and Marketplace
– Lunch and snacks on Friday and Saturday
– Taiko Jam ticket (program does not allow for child supervision during Taiko Jam, or other evening activities after posted pickup times).
– 3 Workshops
1) Taiko Olympics! (Yurika Chiba)
Open to Youth players. This workshop for youth will combine lots of taiko-based drills and activities into a fun and friendly competition where one team will win the NATC 2015 Taiko Olympics gold medal! It won’t just be about how fast you play, but will incorporate kiai, creativity, listening and coordination. And most importantly – TEAMWORK. The workshop will challenge you, but it will also be fun!
2) Taiko FUNdamentals (Yeeman Mui)
Studies have proven that our learning abilities are maximised within a fun and supportive atmosphere. Through the use of musical games and dances from around the world, (taiko, clapping games, songs, body music, etc.), participants learn music intuitively, while improving their rhythmic sense and creativity. The fundamentals of music are internalized through physical involvement and multi-sensory activities, then applied to the taiko, all while having fun.
3) The “Ki” to Young Performers (Yeeman Mui)
Everyone is born to be musical, and given a nurturing environment, can unlock their inner musicality and creativity. It’s never too early to be a performer! With a focus on energy and interaction (Japanese “ki”) and utilizing the powerful drums of taiko, this workshop explores a variety of movement and rhythmic drills to practice the arts of performance. Participants team up in small groups to create unique performances during this fast-paced, fun workshop.