Taiko Drum and Dance

A collaboration of Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble with University of Hawaii Dance Department 

As soon as I arrived in Honolulu in 2012 Fall, I began training with Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble and immediately immersed in rehearsal for Taiko Drum and Dance. I performed as a dancer/drummer playing uchiwa daiko (fan drum), katsugi daiko, taiko, djembe, marimba. 

The best part of the project was to be involved in <Midnight Moon>, a dance piece featuring 6 drummers from Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, and 6 dancers from UH Dance departments. Led by Peggy Adams, we developed this dancer/drummer piece over the span of 5 months. It was a once-in-a-life experience.

IMG_9569 1
Midnight Moon

<Midnight Moon> had its world premiere performance – the concept was to create a performance where dancers became musicians and musicians became dancers.”

– Review of Taiko Drum and Dance <<Kaleo, The Voice>>

20130208 TaikoPoster10a.toprint.small
Yeeman Mui (Right) featured in Taiko Drum and Dance poster

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